SN Ruti Maker Is Environment-Friendly Without Electricity And Wooden Made Modern Ruti Maker.

=> You can make more than 15 Ruti in per minute.
=> Healthy and delicious ruti you can make, we normally take to eat.
=> You can make more ruti by little effort.
=> All ruti will be same size.
=> Anyone can easily make ruti by using S N Ruti Maker, even by kids.
=> Every size (Large, Medium & Small) Ruti, you can make this Ruti Maker.
=> Every type of Ruti (Atta, flower, Rice, Kalai, Shinggara, Samucha, Fuchka & Papor) is possible to make by it.
=> Every type of local and foreign recipes ruti you can make by S N Ruti Maker.

70 Model: 70 Price: BDT: 1990. USD: $28


Mode of Payment : Cash on delivery in Dhaka City. Outside of Dhaka by Bkash

Relating to a part of SN Ruti (Tortilla) Maker

Model: 70

=> It’s better than small model-61.
=> Every type of local and foreign recipes Ruti (Tortilla) possible to make this Ruti Maker.
=> This machine can produce about of  9'' Ruti.
=> It’s weight is 4 kg (weight +/ -as per customer’s choice).
=> This Ruti Maker will run for at least 6-8 years.
=> It’s stylish model.
=>This is an export quality model.
=> It’s price only (USD: 28), (BDT: 1990).
=> Made in Bangladesh.

Terms of Conditions:

1) Home delivery is available
2) Delivery charge in Dhaka City TK. 100/= only .
3) Outside Of Dhaka Delivery Charge, as per actual Courier Charge.
4) Products will be delivered within one working days after confirmation of the order
5) Stock is available
6) 100% Genuine Products
7) Faster Delivery Service
9) Hotline: 01744907370 (24X7)